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Spark 1.0.3 Released

We are happy to announce the release of Spark 1.0.3 with some very important fixes. Also, we now have a NO JRE build to allow for smaller download sizes.

1.0.3 – January 5, 2006

New Features

    • Spark now comes with or without a JRE.

Bug Fixes

    • Spark no longer ignores XHTML.
    • Various enhancements to File Transfer.
    • Spark escapes invalid chars.
    • Copying out of the chat history text area now works.
    • “Is Typing” will not be displayed once a message is received.
    • Clicking on the Refresh List no longer hangs Spark.

Yay, awesomeness!!! I can’'t wait till tomorrow morning to deploy this.

Hi, the “NO JRE” version comes with a startup.bat script which does not work for me. Using a script instead of spark.exe loads the client about three seconds faster on my 1400 MHz computer. It seems that the JAVA_LIBRARY_PATH is ignored, so you may need to copy Spark\resources\systeminfo.dll to Spark\lib\windows\ when using a start script. This is the one I use, together with some tuning advices:

@echo off

set app_home=%PROGRAMFILES%\Spark

set java_home=%PROGRAMFILES%\Java\jre1.5.0_06

REM set autologin=-DQUERY_STRING=“username=test&password=test&server=”

set CLASSPATH=%app_home%\lib\spark.jar

set CLASSPATH=%CLASSPATH%;%app_home%\lib\base.jar

set CLASSPATH=%CLASSPATH%;%app_home%\lib\smack.jar

set CLASSPATH=%CLASSPATH%;%app_home%\lib\smackx.jar

set CLASSPATH=%CLASSPATH%;%app_home%\lib\smackx-debug.jar

set CLASSPATH=%CLASSPATH%;%app_home%\lib\actication.jar

set CLASSPATH=%CLASSPATH%;%app_home%\lib\windows\jdic.jar

REM set JAVA_LIBRARY_PATH=%app_home%\lib\windows\jdic-native.jar

cd /d “%app_home%”

REM run in background

REM start “” “%java_home%\bin\javaw.exe” com.jivesoftware.Spark

REM run in foreground

“%java_home%\bin\java.exe” com.jivesoftware.Spark %autologin%

REM JVM tuning values for faster startup and more restrictive memory usage, may lead to OutOfMemory

REM java -Xms16m -Xmx16m -XX:NewSize=4m -XX:MaxNewSize=4m -XX:PermSize=10m -XX:MaxPermSize=10m com.jivesoftware.Spark

REM -Xms16m -XX:NewSize=4m -XX:PermSize=10m are usefull for faster startup, no GC’'s / heap expansion

REM -Xmx16m -XX:MaxNewSize=4m -XX:MaxPermSize=10m deny using more memory. If there is a memory leak you’'ll find out soon

REM If you open many connections you may need to increase the Xmx value.

I hope there will also be a no jre build of wildfire soon as well