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Spark 1.1.1 crashes when renaming user

As the title says, everytime i try to change the name on one of the users on my list, Spark tells me that it lost the conection to the server and needs to log back in.

I recently upgraded to the new Wildfire version as well, do you know about this problem?

Wow. I have not seen this issue before, and cannot reproduce. Out of curioustiy, what is the name(s) you are trying to rename and to what new name? This may be the cause.



Well, its different names and the same thing happens what ever i try to change the names to, its the same for all users on my server that uses Spark 1.1.1

It tells me it has lost its connection to the server and asks me to log in again.

Spark crashes too when renaming groups

If you guys could post which names are giving you issues it may help to resolve the issue.



For instance renaming “Friends” to “Family” or “Friends” to “Friends&Family”


is this still the case for 1.1.3 ?

I did never see Spark crash changing the name of a roster.


At least I downloaded 1.1.3 '‘though the about pop-up tells me it’'s 1.1.2.



Yes it is still an issue in 1.1.3, hard to say if it started when i upgrade to Wildfire 2.5.1 or if it came with spark 1.1.1 since i upgrade them at the same time.

Anyway, all users on my server has this problem, doesnt matter what you rename or what you rename to, it does this all the time.

I have the registration plugin to Wildfire active and all users are automaticly added to a specific group, all users can then automaticly see everybode else on the server, we only have 20 users but its still annyoing to dont be able to rename users.

Hi Slajsen,

Could you post one of the clients error logs located in the spark_install/logs directory. This would give me some insight on debugging the problem.



Hello again!

Sure, no problem, thi is not a really big issue for us since we are only 20 users and there is not so much renaming beeing done…

But here is the errorlog:

2006-mar-28 14:50:17 com.jivesoftware.spark.util.log.Logger logError

ALLVARLIG: Connection closed on error.