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Spark 1.1 on Linux - missing jars, scripts, and crashing :(

Hey all, downloaded the spark_1_1_0.tar.gz generic build the other day and only just got around to giving it a bash.

First thing I noticed is theres no startup.sh script, only a startup.bat for windows I edited it and made my own launch script and now I see Spark startup.

Firstly I see a ClassNotFoundException loading the JGoodies LookAndFeel, the jar is missing but the application continues to run, where I tell Spark to connect to my myjabber.net account, after a brief moment of authorization Spark crashes out and writes "Error: Couldn’'t find per display information

" on my console.

Anyone seen this before? Looking in the logs directory I see a 0 byte log file as well


Found the ./Spark script in the top of the directory, didn’'t initially notice it as I saw the .bat file.

Spark is now running with the bundled JRE as opposed to my system JRE (currently Mustang),

Seems to be running fine now.

Cool, glad you got that figured out.



Just so it’‘s not confusing to others, I will remove the startup.bat You can track it’'s progress with SPARK-222.