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Spark 1.2 status?

I am concidering pushing out spark to all of our clients in our company, but, a key feature for us, is that the use of xmpp is fully supported, and I saw you moved this from the 1.1 release to the 1.2 release.

Therefor I was wondering if you have a ETA on that release, maybe we can influence you in some way to get this done quicker?

Also, is there a possibility to do a “silent” install of Spark?



Hi Christoffer,

To do a silent install, you just pass in -q to the spark_1_1_0.exe. As for being fully supported, what gives you the idea that we are not?



well, whenever I use an XMPP link (syntax: xmpp:user@jabber), spark starts, with login info etc (even if spark is already running and i’‘m logged in), and that’'s that, a chat window with the user I pressed the link for did not pop up, nothing happens.