Spark Roster Issue

Hi All,

It appears that Spark does not show contacts who do not belong to a group. I know Spark does not allow you to add contacts without assigning them to a group but other clients do. We had a number of users migrate from some of those other clients and when they upgraded to Spark 2 this morning all their contacts were missing.



Hi Ryan,

There is the unfiled group, where all users should be showing up in. It should be showing up by default.


Hi Derek,

Yeah, I thought that should be the case too but it doesn’‘t seem to be (Spark 1.x didn’‘t do this, it simply put users into a “Online” group). I did some digging through the users’’ roster data and Spark source (Yeah, open-source! ) and it appears that Spark doesn’'t handle groups that have an empty string for their name. It looks like it would pretty easy to tweak the org.jivesoftware.spark.ui.ContactList to put contacts with “empty” groups into the Unfiled group.



Heh. There was once a huge thread about that mysterious Online group. And as long as i remember it was appearing because of groups without names. So it seems Derek has fixed this Yes, moving them to the unfiled should be better i think.