Spark 2.0.1 chat nicknames with "@" signs

When a user is in a multi-user chat room and the user’'s nickname in the room contains an “@” sign, Spark does not display messages originating from the user and Spark does not display the user as being in the room.

It appears the “Adium” client by default sets up a nickname equal to the JID when joining a chatroom, so some of our users were “invisible” to Spark in chat rooms. Other clients (GAIM and Psi were tested) display the messages and presence OK. Our server software is Wildfire 3.0.1.

To reproduce: have client A connect to a multi-user chat using Spark 2.0.1. Have client B also connect to the same multi-user chat (I only tried using a client other than Spark). Then have client B change his nickname in the room to something like "". Messages sent by client B to the chatroom are not displayed by client A. It looks like any nickname that contains an “at” sign triggers the issue: using just the one-character nickname “@” triggers it.

Very interesting, this is not a problem for Spark 1.1.4 anyhow.

And also no problem for Spark which is not yet available, so no issue will be created.

This has been fixed for the upcoming 2.0.2 release.