Spark 2.0.1 excessive memory use (Windows XP...)

Has anyone else experienced excessive memory use of the spark client v 2.0.1? On startup, windows (xp) reports the program using approx 46mb, then it steadily grows with no real activity on my part (no sends, some receives) to > 100mb over the course of a couple of hours. Any insight appreciated. Did not see this problem in the 2.0 beta version afaik (at least not this noticeable).

Same here, it´s vary between 40-50mb, it´s far too much for a tiny im client, shouldn´t surprise me if it´s the Java mambo jambo…hehe

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I just installed Spark 2.0.1 on a freshly installed XP Pro workstation, and with no sends or receives, it’'s using 46,244 K. Every 2 or 3 minutes, it increases by 20 K exactly. Memory leak?


unless you do not specify a Xmx value it’'s hard to tell whether you see a memory leak or not. At least 64 MB are allowed for the java heap and the JVM may also use 64 MB for the native heap.

The TaskManager displays the sum of both heaps so it’'s not a good source to check whether you have a memory leak.

There was (and probably is) an issue with emotions in a chat, these did (or do) cause a memory leak. I’'m not sure if also a normal chat can cause a memory leak, but this should be a small one.


Thanks for all the replies. I’'ll try to do some more investigating. Could be the way my machine is set up or something.