Spark 2.0.3 can not connect


We’‘ve been running Spark along with Wildfire for some time now… Currently at Wildfire 3.0.1… Today we started upgrading to Spark 2.0.3 and every single one who does, can no longer connect ot the server… If I change server name to “” instead of just “” like I have had forever, it works… Now I’'m not talking about “host” in the advanced connection properties… I do have DNS SVR records setup and they have always worked… Is there some change now??

Ah I was just about to post this too. Auto discovery is broken in Spark 2.0.3.

No one has an answer?? Where are the developers??? Help us please.!!!

Ugh. You guys are right. Spark switched over to using a different connection method for compression purposes, but the connection was not doing auto-discovery. Will fix asap and release. Sorry about that.



Hey so I noticed the issue is cleared up… Any idea as to when we can get the next version??

two more to fix .system.project:roadmap-panel