Spark 2.0.7 bug

I’'ve noticed in spark 2.0.7 chat windows that spark may not be cleaning up the conversation correctly. For example, I will have a chat window open with another user in another office named BettyRubble on the top. When Betty is typing a message I can see her online bulb change from green to the typing icon. However when she finishes typing and submits her message, the typing icon is still present until I respond in the chat window. Once I respond the icon switches back to green.

In other words, the typing status hangs even after the person has finished and sent their message.

Unfortuantely, i saw this right after we released 2.0.7. This has since been fixed and will be in the 2.0.8 release due out next Thursday, December 28th.

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Thanks for the swift reply.

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