Spark 2.0.7 Released

Spark 2.0.7 has been released:

The new release includes some really nice fixes and some simple improvements to the UI.

Release Notes - Spark - Version 2.0.7

  • Bug

  • Bug-- Closed: Fixed SPARK-428 - Fixed issue with removing start on startup in preferences.

  • Bug-- Closed: Fixed SPARK-435 - Setting presence to DND works correctly.

  • Bug-- Closed: Fixed SPARK-436 - Verify new JID escaping with transports works correctly.

  • Bug-- Closed: Fixed SPARK-437 - Auto reconnect to notify each connection manager to reset themselves.

  • Bug-- Closed: Fixed SPARK-438 - Rooms need to be active when Reconnection was successfull

  • Bug-- Closed: Fixed SPARK-439 - Yahoo! Logo shows up in vcard popup for offline users

  • Bug-- Closed: Fixed SPARK-440 - No longer sending presence to Gateway if not signed in.

  • Bug-- Closed: Fixed SPARK-441 - Chat room send field no longer becomes disabled.

  • Bug-- Closed: Fixed SPARK-442 - Logging out causes temporary blank spark to appear.

  • Bug-- Closed: Fixed SPARK-443 - The Translator plug-in does not work

  • Bug-- Closed: Fixed SPARK-446 - No longer show toast popups when a message has an error.

  • New Feature

  • Improvement-- Closed: Fixed SPARK-398 - Nicknames should be sortable in group chat rooms.

  • New Feature-- Closed: Fixed SPARK-444 - Added one-click hide from system tray.

  • New Feature-- Closed: Fixed SPARK-445 - Added simple log viewer.

  • New Feature-- Closed: Fixed SPARK-447 - Added Typing notification to individual tabs and Frame.