Spark 2.0.8 changelog (tabbar position)

I see that changelog is not complete. Tabbar is now at the bottom of the chat window. And i cant find an option to put it back on top.

I thought this was just me. Why has it been moved to the bottom, I preferred it at the top!

I can’'t push 2.0.8 out due to the tabs being at the bottom. It would just confuse the users here. Can you add an option in preferences to have tab positions?

I’'ve asked Derek about this on Wednesday. The idea is that users are looking at the bottom of the chat window (typing area) most of the time, so it would be more convinient to watch tab notifies (flashing, icon changing, etc.).

I said that i prefer them on top too. And i agree that in large deployments with novice users it could be a PITA. You cant explain everyone that this is more convinient, because they are used to that (2.0.8 version already).

Anyway, Derek said he would add an option to change tabbar position. But i’'m not aware if there is a JIRA issue filled for this.


the onmouseover / tooltip effect is quite nice but the content “Contact” and “JID” are not really very informative. Especially if the green bulb turns orange or red one most open the main window to find out about the “away / na” reason. So I’'d like to see there also the status text if any.

I use tabbed browsing and also there the tabs are on top, so I’'d like that Spark does the same. People may get confused to find tabs on filing cards at the bottom.