Spark 2.0.8 - Lost Date on Date/Time Stamp in Conference Rooms

Spark 2.0.8 - Lost Date on Date/Time Stamp in Conference Rooms.

Version 2.0.7 displayed the date and the time. Now 2.0.8 only displays the time. I have conference rooms used daily and we need to differentiate the date on prior 100 msgs that are stored on Wildfire.

Please either add an option for date and/or time stamp or provide a way to format it in a custom way.


// Make a SimpleDateFormat for toString()’'s output. This

// has short (text) date, a space, short (text) month, a space,

// 2-digit date, a space, hour (0-23), minute, second, a space,

// short timezone, a final space, and a long year.

SimpleDateFormat format =

new SimpleDateFormat(“EEE MMM dd HH:mm:ss zzz yyyy”);

Provide a way to specify the full formating. This way if you want MM/DD or DD/MM you can do it if like.


It actually displays the day, month year above the encapsulated images. We were really overdoing it before showing the full day for each individual message.



Forget about customizing the date/time stamp for the moment. In version 2.0.7 it displayed the date & time, in 2.0.8 it now only displays the time.

I have persistent chatrooms that maintain the last 100 msgs and this is one of the primary reasons we chose to use Spark / Wildfire in the first place.

I need the date restored or at least an option for it or a way to hack a properties file manually to restore it. Otherwise we are stuck on 2.0.7.

I really want to go to 2.0.8 because it includes the chatroom presence fix. Which works wonderfully in 2.0.8 but does not work in 2.0.7. I need to see that others in the chatroom have gone away or Do Not Disturb. It is working reliably in 2.0.8 but not in the 2.0.7 clients.

Are you not seeing the month, day, year timestamp? Or is it that you wish to just have it on each individual message?

I need the Month and Day and Year plus TimeStamp for each msg. It was working that way in 2.0.7.

e.g. Looks like:

MM/DD/YY HH:MM AM/PM User Nickname: Body of Msg

Ok, I can compromise on this:

Chat History in Group Chatroom:

Thursday January 24th 2007

John: Test msg

Jane: Test Answer

Friday January 25th 2007

John: Look at that the date is showing so I can see historical date/time

Jane: Yeah, that’‘s nice so we don’'t need the date stamp on every message.

A bit offtop, but still related to time stamps. I would love to have 24-h format time stamps instead of AM PM. We are used to that format here in Lithuania.