Spark 2.0 on OS X, usernames disappearing from tabs?

Has anyone else had a problem where Spark 2.0’‘s tabs don’‘t show the username of the person to whom you’‘re talking? When a tab isn’‘t selected, the user’‘s name appears in black text. But when I have the tab selected, the tab turns blue and the text disappears (perhaps it’‘s also turning blue?) If a user IMs me when I’‘m in another window, the supposedly invisible text turns red, and then clicking on the window will turn the text black. But, if I click on another window and back again (or switch tabs), we’'re back to the blue or invisible text. Any ideas?



is it really red or orange? After login I see all users with an orange color for some seconds and if one gets online it will also be colored orange for some seconds. Anyhow I use WinXP and don’'t see the problem you did mention.


Ahhh, maybe I wasn’‘t clear enough in my description. I’‘m not talking about the roster, I’‘m talking about the tabbed conversation windows. If I can catch it when it’‘s doing it, I’'ll see if I can grab a screenshot or two. Basically, it works like this:

  1. Double click on user in roster to chat with them

  2. New window is opened, one tab is present for the conversation with the user I’'ve selected. Everything is fine at this point.

– This is where it gets tricky –

  1. I send a message to the user. Sometimes all is fine. Sometimes, the minute I’‘ve sent the message, the user’'s name on the tab disappears.

  2. The user sends me a message. If I don’‘t have focus on the Spark conversation window, the user’‘s name will turn red in the tab. However, once I’‘ve brought focus back to the conversation window, the user’'s name disappears.

It’‘s weird because it doesn’'t always happen the same way, but it always happens ever since Spark 2.0.

A screenshot of the aforementioned behavior can be seen here: