Spark 2.0 UI Screenshots

I would like to start presenting some of our ideas/implementations that we have been have working on for the release of Spark 2.0. Mainly, we would love to have UI feedback on the client and allow time for any changes before doing the normal release / feedback cycle. Attached, you will see the contact list, which contains Nested Group support to allow for better organization of Shared Groups. Also, we’'ve gone ahead and added the most common operations to a handy little toolbar next to the users profile. These buttons support operations such as hide/show empty groups, add contacts, join conferences, view downloaded files, and broadcast messages.

For the chat room itself, we’'ve added more user profile information, updated the chat room buttons and a added a new “Send Screenshot” button to allow users to quickly send screenshots of their desktops to buddies or co-workers. I look forward to hearing from you.


nested groups could be moved more to the right, so it would be easier to distinguish

I have the same comment for the nested groups. It’'s not easy to see which group is under which one.


Looks pretty good. As with the other comments, I agree it’‘s not easy to see the nested groups easily. I’'m not sure I like further indent though. Maybe it would be better to use color or a line in the “gutter” to indicate nesting. Sort of the way IDEA shows code folding.

As for the added buttons, I think it’‘s excellent. I’‘m wondering if it would be cleaner if you tried putting them at the bottom Apple-style ala the way iTunes places the action buttons at the bottom of the area it affects. In both windows it would allow you to save some vertical space and get better use of the otherwise unused “status bar” at the bottom (and indicate “typing” or other status messages with an icon). Not as intuitive for Windows users that are used to toolbars at the top, but since they’'re more “power tools” anyway, I think the users that will need it will find it there.


Does it support dragging and dropping users between the groups in roster?

Thanks for all the good feedback so far. As for drag and drop, yes, it’'s supported



Testing Windows version 2.0.0 Beta

Looks good!

Thanks for posting the beta this evening! I was looking around the forums and while I was reading this thread I wandered around the site and BANG the beta appeared before my eyes.

Anyway, a few things I noticed that would be useful;

  1. should show a smiley face in a chat.

  2. Could you please add an option in the current chat window to view the chat history of the contact?

  3. When Spark detects the server is down it doesn’'t give the option to reconnect. It only allows you to logoff of exit. Logon back on would be nice so as to save a few steps when the server only went down for a few seconds.

  4. It would be nice to have a chat history import/export function. We are currently using Gaim and I’'ll be switching everyone to Spark soon…Love the Asterisk integration!

  5. A preferences option to specify a download folder would be great. I can imagine the question right now: “so-and-so sent me a file…where is it?”



That was : - )

Speaking of asterisk integration.

Can a preferences setting be added to not show the incoming call alerts? '‘d rather not have users deal with that if they don’‘t want it. Besides I’‘m considering installing Asterisk Desktop Manager…unless Spark’'s asterisk integration could provide for screen pops (open a url based on incoming Caller ID. ie. http://localhost/incomingcaller.php?callerid=�llerid% with Spark replacing the %callerid% variable of course before popping the browser) That would be awesome!


Thanks for the feedback RaBidFLY.

SAPRK-304, SPARK-305 and SPARK-306 have been added and will be fixed for the 2.0 release. As for the asterisks integration, that’‘s not a bad idea at all, and could easily be added to the Asterisks Server piece. I’'ll need to look further into this for any decisiion to be made though.



I’‘m fooling with Spark 2.0 beta, and I’'m not sure how to get the nested groups working. Has anybody had any luck with this?

As far as i remember you should use :: in Group’'s display name. E.g.

Group1 and Group2

So for Group2 to be nested group of Group1 you should name Group2 (Display Name) as Group1::Group2

Well, that’'s how it works with Exodus (only with “/” sign by default). Havent tested this though.

Follow up:

actually you need to put spaces before and after :: sign for nested groups to work with Spark.

Glad to provide feedback. Thanks for adding those features!

Any chance in adding a Logon option after a disconnect?

How about having the option to not have tabbed chat windows? It would be nice to have a separate window per chat.

It would be nice if chat history auto saved itself every few minutes or so. I was really surprised to see the history xml file for a chat not show up until I closed the tabbed user chat.

Feel free to let me know if/when asterisk callerid screen pops comes into play…I’'d be more than happy to try and help with it.



RaBiDFLY, some of your wishes were already posted here or else in the forums

and some of isues you have mentioned are already in JIRA bugs database or in roadmap.


So Spark does try to auto-reconnect after disconnects, once every second for 5 seconds. If that fails (server down), then it will ask you to logout or exit.



This is the first time I’'ve given Spark a fair chance. In the past I had installed it once or twice but found the systray pop-around effect annoying and did no further testing.

This time I noticed that Spark was going OS, so I started muddling in the forums and found this thread, proceeded to download it, then provided feedback based on what I noticed while testing it. I didn’'t search the forum for prior feature requests. I just downloaded the program, installed it and provided feed back that was asked for.

Anyway, I digress…just trying to find a nice replacement for Gaim.

Whoops, I missed this functionality as I was fiddling on the server for about 15 seconds after I restarted WildFire. Any chance on adding a button option to Reconnect to the list of Logout and Exit? I read somewhere else in this forum that a perfect example of this being useful is when someones wireless link goes down. It just takes more steps to click on Logout and then go down to the systray to open Spark, and then click on Logon.



RaBiDFLY, dont get me wrong. I’‘m just trying to point you to the right direction There is already a lot of double-posting in the forums. I’'m not the saint, i have done that in past too. Too many threads, too little time to search. Nothing horrible to make some offtopic, though this thread is mainly about new Spark UI enhancements.

Derek gave you links to JIRA entries he has created for your reported issues. (SPARK-xxx). One is already fixed. You can register with JIRA, you can watch issues and vote, you can search. By giving you all this information i’'m trying to save developers time, so they dont have to answer/comment the same things again and again.

Option to make separate chat windows was mentioned in Top 5 Spark wishes thread and some others (i’'m requesting this too )

And some discussions about history saving:


I understand. I should have looked around abit, but I got excited and distracted by the Asterisk integration. I’'m currently researching and testing an Asterisk roll out at the moment.

Anyway, with the positive response from Derek in regards to the feedback I provided I just decided to keep it in this thread.

So far I have to say Spark is working out great for myself as I’‘ve been using these past few days. Even though it has it’‘s quirks I can’‘t see anything so far that my users would have a problem with…well the fact that : - ) doesn’‘t show a smiley would be one, but I know that’‘ll be fixed once 2.0 is out of beta…now I just have to post that ; - ) doesn’'t show as a ! Once I find the right place to post that of course. lol