Spark 2.4.1 and Asterisk call notification

We all got the client updates today to Spark 2.4.1. Since then, call notifications arent happening in the lower right handed window. I can still see call presence in the roster if someone is on the phone, but call pop ups seemed to stop… Help please!!!


What release were you using prior?



2.0.7 originally. However, I believe there was also another update inbetween the two, but couldnt tell you the version.

Well let’'s get this fixed before the next beta release.




Thanks Derek!

Also, there is no ‘‘dial number’’ item under the ‘‘actions’’ menu in 2.4.1. I assume this is added when the client detects the asterisk-im plugin on the server.

I use 2.0.8 for all computers in our office, which is working fine for caller id popups and has a dial number menu item, but when I tested 2.4.1, both were missing.

(Wildfire server 3.1.1, Asterisk-IM 1.1.1, all Spark clients on Windows XP)

Yep, same thing here. I’'m thinking of “rolling back”. The new Spark client interface is nice, but I know the older client works great.

Hey guys,

I would personally just wait for the next beta release to get this going. I have the fix in place and love people using the more “cutting edge” stuff



I like the “cutting edge” stuff as well, but my boss “JUST WANTS IT TO WORK!!!”