Spark 2.4.1 and Mac OS X

Hi guys,

I have upgraded from 2.0.8 to 4.2.1 yestarday and run into mountain of issues, some of witch make Spark preatty much unusable on our company Macs!

  • for some unknow reason I cannot start/open conversation window with some of the contats while I can with others

  • for those I can start conversation with - I cant see messages I am sending, after typing text and pressing enter cursor goes back to the first character and nothing is displayed in the conversation window - like I wouldent send any massage.

But strange enough - destination user seems to be getting the message fine.

I seem to be getting some messages from other users but not all - its random again.

  • Asterisk related funcionality, like call notifications, option to call user with an Asterisk bind etc is gone. Why?

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