Spark 2.4.1 issue with Idle

Hi, congratulations on the release of spark 2.4.1, i love the layout and looks friendly to end users - not saying the last versions didnt, but this is a big improvement

Althought there is an issue with idle, all our users (110 of them) have the settings in prefs for idle to be disabled, but when theyre not using it for 1 to 3 mins, its coming up on other users machines that the user is idle!

Is there a fix for this as our CEO wouldnt want to think that the users arent doing any work?


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Could you see if there are any errors associated with this? In Spark, use the Help | View Logs menu and paste what you have here.



Also, just to be clear, the ā€œ2.4.1.ā€ version number is a fake release number and is really Spark 2.5.0 beta. This is due to a buggy implementation of version checking ā€“ if we want Spark to know to upgrade itself later, we need an earlier version number than 2.5.


So I was able to reproduce this. The away option is always on :(. Iā€™'ve file SPARK-497 to address this. Thanks for the bug report