Spark 2.5.0 Beta 3 Released

I have a minor feature request. In most chat clients that I’‘ve used in the past, I’‘ve sent the messages with “Alt-S”, instead of “Enter”. In fact, Spark 2.0 had a send button and the “Alt-S” hotkey worked with it. In 2.5 Beta 3 there’‘s no send button and the hotkey does not work. I don’'t miss the button, but I do miss the hotkey. Is there any way you could make the hotkey to send the message configurable?

Actually, I’‘m surprised at how much I miss the “Send” button myself. If you’'d have asked me whether I use the button, I would have answered “no”, but it seems that I do use it quite regularly (or at least used to).

rminsk wrote:I have the same problem “Error: Couldn’'t find per display information” on Redhat Enterprise Linux 4.4 on version 2.0.8 and 2.5.0beta3.

I have found the problem. It seems Spark will only run with the version of Java that is shipped with spark-2.0.8. The startup shell script was finding /usr/java/jre1.6.0. When I hard coded the script to use the one that came with 2.0.8 it seems to work. My best guess is some sort of incompatiblity between the java version and the shared libraries shipped in lib/linux.

“Couldn’'t find per display information”

There is a Sun bug report: and a how-to-fix page available.

Spark 2.5 could run fine using JRE 1.5.


For what it’'s worth, I can confirm that the latest 1.5.x JRE works fine with Jabber 2.5.0, however the 1.6u1 JRE does not. This is for Linux, RHEL3 U8, with a custom Java install.


I know it’s been well over a year sense this post.

But I was wondering if there was ever a list of available ‘/’ commands posted somewhere?

Were currently using Spark: 2.5.8