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Spark 2.5.0 Beta 3: Showing Me instead of vCard info

SPARK-546 Ok, it now shows my contacts names. But now it shows “Me” instead of my Nickname, or Name which i have in my vCard. It’‘s not what i’'m confused by this “Me”, but i like to see my name there actually.

UPD: actually it is confusing a bit, cause i see “Me” in greyed messages and my Name in new messages i’'m typing in. Not consistent. And i prefer Name

UPD2: btw, in Clearspace personal menu is called “Your Stuff”, so maybe there should be “You” instead? I prefer Name like i said


it may get more confusing if you have a contact whose name is “Me”, I’'m quite sure that this is a common name within some other languages.


fixed in 2.5.0b4