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Spark 2.5.0 Beta 4: Browse is taking too long

As Matt and Alex suggested i will create a separate thread for every issue

Browse for avatar, and then you have to wait way to long when you try to navigate to some folder.

Windows 2000 SP4, though Spark is using it’'s own dialog.


I hit Browse button in Avatar tab. Count to 10. Then Browse dialog appears. I press combobox button in Look in: and count to 20! for a folder tree to appear. After some time it gets faster. But Browse button in Avatar tab is slow all the time.

Not sure if this is ficed (will try it at work first). I do have changed to native window look and feel, and back. And i have reinstalled Spark completely today. But now it shows native windows browse dialog. So it’'s fast.

SPARK-514 , SPARK-587 maybe related?

fixed in 2.5.0, SPARK-587