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Spark 2.5.0 Beta 4: Chat dialog''s text editor, selection, and cut/paste

I am evaluating Wildfire and Spark to suggest for an internal deployment at my company. So far I have been fairly happy with both products. I am currently running Spark 2.5.0 Beta4 in XP and I noticed what I believe is a bug. I searched in both the issue tracker and the forum but couldn’'t find an obvious duplicate.

The selection and cut/paste features of the chat dialog’'s text editor appear to be broken. In several versions of Spark I have noticed that I frequently lose the ability to cut text from the editor. It appears to randomly stop working.

I have also noticed that at times, cutting text from the editor will actually cut more text than the current selection. For example, my text might be “this is a test”, and I may select only the “is a t”. If I cut the text, it might actually delete “is a test” instead of just what I had selected. To make matters worse, if I paste my text back in, it will only paste in “is a t”, not everything that it deleted! That appears to be especially likely to happen if cut just started working again.

Unfortunately, I cannot come up with an exact way to reproduce these issues. Cut will work for a while, and then after a little selecting with the mouse and keyboard it will stop working. After some more random selecting it will eventually come back. It seems to work especially if you select from the current forward, and then from the current position backwards. Has any one else seen this problem? Several other users who are helping me evaluate jabber clients have confirmed that these issues exist, but they have also been unable to find exact steps to reproduce the issue.

It also appears that if you paste with some text selected, the selection is not replaced with the text from the clipboard. I cannot find an example of another application that behaves that way (in XP or linux). Is that intentional?

Thank you very much for the bug report. This has been fixed with SPARK-584.

Thank You Again,


Easy way to reproduce this for me: Start Spark, start a chat and enter “12 34 56 78 90”, mark “4 56 7” and press Ctrl+X, then the result is “12 3”

@Derek: Did you also fix the Ctrl+V issue?

If I mark “12” and press Ctrl+V then I get “4 56 712 3” - so “12” is still there.



I did fix the ctrl+v issue as well.