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Spark 2.5.0: Feature Req ir GUI issue: Input Language change

Spark is not preserving input language. I cant reproduce it (when i try it works fine), but it happens all the time, if i change input language somewhere else then it’'s changing in Spark too. Dont remember to have such problems with Exodus, so there must be a way to preserve input language for whole application (roster and chats, new chats) and changing input language in other apps or Desktop shouldnt affect this.

this is annoying cause i have to use EN in browser or some other apps and to chat with my users in Lithuanian at the same time.

I did add a comment to SPARK-375

Cant see how is this related to issue i have posted. I speak here only about input language, my locale at work is Lithuanian, but other apps are preserving input language to what i change (Exodus, Office, Firefox). And Spark is constantly reverting to default input language, or just loosing “the focus”. So i had to change my default language to LT, and bear the inconvinience in some apps that i prefer EN to use. But i got tired of typing messages with EN in Spark, deleting, changing input language to LT and typing again, or i often just send such message “turi para6yti man lai6k1” without looking what i’'ve typed in.

I open the chat, change input languuage, type somthing. Close the chat. Open the chat and the language is defualt again.

Hi Oleg,

I’‘m quite sure that this is related, it seems that the locale settings are looked up too often. There’'s also a JVM bug http://bugs.sun.com/bugdatabase/view_bug.do?bug_id=4700857 which may also be related.


Ok. I think i got it. Hopefully this can be fixed in Spark.