Spark 2.5.0: Spark MSI is unusable until launched with admin rights

Jae Stutzman comment in SPARK-502 is exactly what i’‘m seeing with all 2.5.0 Betas till 4. “No text in chat window, or unable to open a chat window.” And even more. Also I cant start chat with some of my contacts. If i’‘m able to open chat window with someone, so there is no Emote toolbar etc. And it’'s not showing my messages, just adding my nickname in one line. Also Appearance menu in Preferences is not working. And no plugins is shown in Installed Plugins tab.

Spark MSI Online install. I’'m installing with admin rights (Run As) in limited user environment and then launch it with limited user.

This is solved if i launch Spark with admin rights first and then with limited user again. Why is this so?

with 2.5.0 MSI online it doesnt even start until i launch it with admin rights once.

with clean 2.5.1 online install Spark is launching without prior starting with admin rights, and it’'s usable, thoguh there are some other issues. But this question is resolved.