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Spark 2.5.1: Alert when user is available issue

This is not working with away users (they use Exodus if that matters), though this option is present in context menu of away user. But i dont get any alert when they are back available.

This works with offline users, and it opens chat window with line “User is online etc.” But the presence bubble in tabbar is gray-offline (in roster is green-available). If i type messages this user will get them and such line “The user is offline and will receive the message on their next login.” is appearing.

update: suddenly i’'ve got alert about some user get online. But i wasnt asking to alert about this user (have selected for some away user in different group, but didnt get alert when he became available), and one actually is away so there shouldnt be any alert. Very weird.

As long as i’'m using it with 2.5.0 it seems to work correctly so far. So, marking as answered.

Seems that it’‘s not ok. Today i have selected to alert me about one contact. He’'s online, but i didnt get an alert.

UPD: and now i’'ve got an alert about other contact, which i wasnt selecting for alert.

Seems that it works fine for all users those are in my group. I can set and remove an alert. But i cant set such alert for the most of the users in other groups, it only works some times. As i still get such context menu for everyone, so it should work with all contacts in the roster.

Hi Wroot,

I’'m not able to reproduce this issue exactly. Are you saying the option does not show up for some users?



ddman wrote:

Are you saying the option does not show up for some users?

I’'d say it works only for some users.

So we had ~170 users in ~15 groups. In my group there is 5 persons (plus me). I tried with all users which were away or offline, becasue that menu doesnt appear with online users. So it does show up for all contacts, but works only with users in my group and another group. But i cant see any relations between those two groups.

So, i can see menu entry “Alert when user is available” for all away/offline users. But when i click this menu and right click again i dont see Remove alert and i dont get alert when user comes online. So this menu just doesnt work for most of the users. And with my group’'s contacts and that another one i see Remove alert and it alerts me if user comes online.

With 2.5.0 i have seen wrong alert once. I have selected one user and it has alerted about completely different one.

another maybe related issue. I was testing MSI installs, so i have uninstalled Spark, deleted its folder in Program files, installed MSI online, tested for a while. It wasnt showing Client versions, just blank fields. Then i uninstalled it, and deleted folder. Isntalled EXE full version again. And now i was able to see client versions of users in my group. If i tried to view client version of users in other groups, dialog window wasnt appearing at all. I have restarted Spark and now i’'m always getting client version window with blank fields, for everyone i try.

hm, with 2.5.2 Beta 1 i have selected one user to Alert, then removed Alert and now i still got the Alert.

Hey Wroot,

I’'m unable to reproduce that test case. Any reproducable steps for this one.

Thank You,