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Spark 2.5.1: Buzz vs Alert notification

So, now it’‘s a Bell and it says “Sent alert notification to user.”, but in Preferences it’‘s still “Allow users to buzz you”. Inconsistent. And i still prefer Buzz, cause it’'s simplier to remember, say. Compare.

  • He cant see my messages.

  • Buzz him.

  • He cant see my messages.

  • Send him an Alert notification.

  • ???

I havent tested it with Spark-Spark yet. But it seems that Bell is not right for this action. It’'s something elevtric, shocking, so lightning was more fitting.

And maybe Buzz button could be moved even to a right side of that toolbar above input area. It’‘s still so close Or to the top toolbar. Because it’'s not a common feature like emoticions or spellcheck.