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Spark 2.5.1: Grin emoticon regexp

SPARK-503 i think it should show grin icon with “:” and “D” combined together, not necessary with “-” between. Like with just smile icon

In forums it does

“:” “)” -

“:” “D” -

P.S. forum engine needs to be fixed too maybe. I hit reply, then it shows me a text box a click in messagebox and start typing, but hey, it still loads something and when it finishes it puts cursor to a threads title box. Waiting waiting. This forum is so slow…

2.5.0b4: still same

2.5.0: same

2.5.1: is it hard to add another regexp to this icon?

SPARK-503 related

Hi Wroot,

This was fixed, wasn’'t?


Default and Gtalk pack supports that regexp, but not POPO Can you fix that too? Cause i’'m using POPO pack mainly