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Spark 2.5.1: ICQ flowers

Copying from locked thread:

Have posted this on Gateway forum, but maybe this is Spark issue:

Have just noticed that all my offline contacts (ICQ and Jabber) in Offline group have no icons. But those of ICQ who was online and has gone offline, their have grayed ICQ flower on the right side. So, maybe all offline ICQ contacts should have it? So it would be easier to distinguish between different networks.

BTW, i have posted this in Gateway forum too. Every time i login to a server for the first time (after server restart) i see one offline ICQ contact (it’'s offline for sure and there is now presence bubble near nockname) in General group (this group contains only online ICQ contacts normally). After Spark restart it dissapears from General group.


now it seems that even contacts that has gone offline during this session doesnt have gray icq flower near them. well, now, when offline contacts can stay in their groups, there is not much need of offline network icons.

still i think Offline transports icons would be great, cause i can have contacts with same nicknames in different networks, so it would be easier to distinguish. So, maybe there could be Jabber icon too, or Spark icon (and offline pale too).

Just thoughts, not a major issue.