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Spark 2.5.1: Request: Spark window shoudnt popup on Reconnect

Updated title and first message.

Request is almost noone (is there anyone?) needs Spark to popup roster window when it reconnects. And i cant see if this is hard to implement as i can hide Reconnect window to systray by pressing X. Ok, maybe someone will need to see he’'s offline. So either add some systray offline/reconnecting icon, or make an option to let Spark popup on connectivity loss.

old message:

So, it’'s been a while this was messed up. This is second feature request by votes, and there is even two JIRA issues about that.

SPARK-14 is more suitable to represent that feature. Title is speaking about unchecking auto-login so this should be mentioned in Description (and fixed of course). I’'ve read in some thread, Derek said there is 5 secs period when Spark tries to reconnect. This could be enough for short wi-fi breakdowns. But i prefer Exodus approach. I can specify number of attempts and time between attempts (usually leave it at random). So this is enough for users to reconnect when i had to upgrade Wildfire, restart server or if there is some longer network breakdowns.

Second, this should be silent. No dialogs or popups while client is taking attempts to reconnect (could be some animated progress indicator in Spark roster window). Even more, there could be no popups even after all attempts are done. Systray icon would need Offline state (grayed maybe), so users would notice that they are offline. Ok, there could be some warning dialog, but this could be optional. I dont like how Spark behaves now. Too intrusive. And as i have to deal with ~120 novice users i insure that they do notice when their Exodus icons stay gray for a long.

Finally, someone should fix related stuff in JIRA. I mean adding more details to description and of course the FIX VERSION! It has 14 votes already so it worth to be implemented as soon as possible. 2.0 would be great

And remove the duplicate SPARK-48 with 5 wasted votes.

P.S. Auto-login is unchecked even after simple Logout. 2.0 Beta

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Derek, LG?

Hi Oleg,

I can’‘t close issues and I thought that SPARK-48 (silent reconnect) was solved with Spark 1.1.5 (now 2.0-beta is available) but I didn’'t found the time to try it.


If 5 secs reconnect is really implemented (cant test that locally, cant stop and start server that quick) so SPARK-48 could be closed. So SPARK-14 is talking about the same and about auto-login issue.

So maybe i’‘m requesting a new feature. A customizable reconnect feature. I’'m not satisfied with 5 seconds and dialog popups

I think the auto-reconnect feature needs to be tweaked. Right now we have flakey internet and we go down once or twice a day for a minute. This means that all 40 users get kicked. This also means that all 40 users are complaining to me saying “AIM never did this, lets go back to AIM.”

When will the auto-reconnect options be implemented OR where is the source for Spark so I can implement it myself? (I found the source for Wildfire and Smack but I can’'t find the UI source for Spark.)

SteveMBO, yesterday in Live Chat Derek said that there wount be this popping dialog (Login or Exit) and there will be count down in roster window. Well, almost like in Exodus, but he says it will be prettier

When, this is always a trickiest question. I hope in 2.0 Final version. Derek has changed fix version for SPARK-14 and SPARK-48 to 2.0 recently.

Open Sourcing of Spark is now main task of JiveSoftware after releasing Wildfire 3.0. Though they are going to release 3.0.1 soon. Well, i think it’‘s a very time consuming process, so i personally think it will take a few weeks more or a month. But i’'m not a developer or something, just presuming

Derek, i see you have fixed 4 of my watched issues yesterday. Could we have another Beta before you are going to release 2.0? Just cant wait to see that pretty reconnect feature you were talking about on Wednesday


Please, please, please let there be an option box to set how long the countdown goes for. When I reset the router at work it takes maybe 45 seconds for everything to come back online.

What we have now is a countdown timer from 45 to 0 that tries x number of attempts, but allows you to explicitly ask for a reconnect at anytime. I’'ll see about making that time more configurable, but 45 seconds seems to be the “magic” number for most users.



Ok. So now i’'m using Testing reconnect feature. So far looks great. So i can close that thread. But there are still some issue with that I dont like that roster window pops up when loosing connection. I think it should stay in systray and reconnect silently. Or can you make it configurable? Some option in preferences like “Silent reconnect” or “Not intrusive reconnect”

Have noticed that if i hit connect while Spark is counting 45 secs it will connect but after loosing connection counting will go on from the number of secs it has stopped with. Not a problem. Just a notice. BTW, it will try to reconnect forever?

One more. If i start Spark when connection to server is down it never appears in taskbar or systray. Spark process is running though.

It is nice to see that this is being worked on because I was having much the same feedback as SteveMBO : “This means that all 40 users get kicked. This also means that all 40 users are complaining to me saying “AIM never did this, lets go back to AIM.””

I would go along with wr00t though in asking for a silent reconnect ability because if it steals focus and pops up on disconnect it is very distracting, especially if it happens frequently, while if it doesn’‘t the user won’‘t realize they are disconnected. If it were possible, perhaps silently attempting, reflecting that it is attempting with a systray icon like wr00t said so it had “offline, connecting, connected” states, and then if after maxretries and maxdelay it still didn’'t connect, steal focus so that a raging bitter mob of ex AIM/MSN users comes to find us to fix the problem.

Thanks for all the hard work. I am going to try the newest linux beta to see if some other issues which have popped up have been fixed yet before reporting them

Cheers, RioGD

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Actually it’'s w r 00t, or wroot But i did have edited a w00t logo to create my avatar

BTW, reconnect feature is available in version, and this is available if you have a jabber account at jivesoftware.com and login with Spark.

Sorry for the mispelled name (I’'ve edited my post and fixed it).

Regarding is this different than the version 2.0 beta ? If so is there any way of getting it ? I have never successfully had the Linux version of Spark retrieve an update so if that is the method it would use for me to get it by logging into jivesoftware.com I won’'t be able to get it. I would be happy to create such an account though if you think it would work.

Thanks as usual !


riogd wrote:

Regarding is this different than the version 2.0 beta ?

Yes. 2.0 Beta is 1.1.9 and doesnt have reconnect feature.

About update. I’'m using Windows version, so i had no problem. Setup was saved in C:\Program Files\Spark\bin folder. You see, this version is not an official, but for internal Jive using/testing. So there is no download place, setup, etc. I think you should try to upgrade anyway. Or wait till August 17th: http://www.jivesoftware.org/community/thread.jspa?threadID=20879&tstart=0

What’'s up with There is no countdown to reconnect.

Yes. 2.0 Beta is 1.1.9 and doesnt have reconnect feature.

I’‘m using Spark 2.0.1 and I cannot find this feature anywhere. I cannot find anything about it in the preferences, and when disconnected all contacts disappear and I’'m not reconnected automatically.

Is it possible to re-open issue SPARK-14 to make it possible to vote for it?



In yesterdays live chat Gato said that Francisco (code contributor) has sent auto-reconnect code to him. Gato will review and add it to a Smack soon. Hope it will make to the Spark not for long.

wroot wrote:

Gato will review and add it to a Smack soon. Hope it will make to the Spark not for long.

Ah - that sounds great! Thanks a lot!


Is this still being worked on? I would really like spark not to pop up and scream-hey i’'m down every time i have restart the service or reboot the server…