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Spark 2.5.2 Beta 1 - a few small bugs


just a short info about issues I experienced recently…

When I have “contacts” - “Group Offline Users” disabled and “Show empty groups”

enabled and shutdown and restart Spark I get the “Offline-Users-Group” displayed

with all offline contacts in it, although it shouldn’'t be there.

When I turn “Show empty groups” off, it seem to work as expected.

After spark auto-reconnected to the server because of a server restart all users appeared twice

on my userlist until I restarted spark.

If I login to a machine with a dualmonitor setup via RDP (which means windows

switches to single monitor) spark may place windows out of the accessible/visible

screen space. I think Spark should check if the saved “screenposition” for a window still exists

before displaying it.



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