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Spark 2.5.3 and SSO


I work at a library and just installed a jabber server to test in-house chatting…looking around for a jabber client and came across Spark which looked the cleanest and easiest to use, especially with SSO…I am not running OpenFire but will be look at that next…

My question is that the first time I tried SSO, it appeared to work fine…but while playing around, I can no longer get SSO to work…meaning that I get the “Unabled to connect using Single Sign-On. Please check your principal and server settings.” Any idea on why this is?

Also, as part of the troubleshooting, be interested on what exactly the SSO part does? Meaning, how is does it work to create a user SSO?


There’'s a very high chance SSO never worked.

If SSO fails, the client will fallback to basic authentication. So, if you had previously entered a username and password that was valid, it’'d use those instead (without telling you).

The config process for SSO with Openfire is a bit convoluted. Spark with a different backend, I wouldn’'t even want to try to troubleshoot!

SSO = Single Sign On. The idea is that you authenticate once, and can use that authentiation in multiple places. The most common example is you authenticate to get access to your workstation, and can use those credentials to access additional services, like file shareing, or a Jabber server.

If you dont have a compelling reason for SSO, then it might be more trouble than its worth, as it is not a simple setup. But once things are set up it can make the users’’ experience much better.