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Spark 2.5.3 Beta 1: Alert when available popup

Today i have set Alert when available for one contact which was currently Away. There were short conversation in chat window already, and last message was from that contact. So, when this user became online i saw the popup repeating that contact’'s last message. Not good.

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File transfer popups are showing last messages too.

You know whats funny, i’‘ve seen the file transfer one soo many times its not funny, but i’‘ve never bothered to report it for some reason. It’'s bloody annoying but :stuck_out_tongue: sometimes i dont realise im getting sent files cos the popup says something and i cant be bothered responding to that something at this exact moment, because its really not that important.

But then it turns out to be someone sending me a file and i’'ve gotta ask them to resend it.

Yes, these wrong popups are really annoying. Yesterday i was chating with my boss. As i said there was her last message in chat window. But when i saw a popup i just noticed few words and at first i thought she was angry with me and repeating her demand again. Not realy funny indeed.