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Spark 2.5.3 Beta 1: history text color change (suggestion)

i see that in 2.5.3 history color in chat window is made brighter. So nickname in history is of the same color as normal text in active part of chat window. History text is just a bit dimmer than normal text. I assume this was done for those with weaker sight, but this is confusing me a lot. I think history text (as well with nicknames in history) should be in completely different color (some sort of blue maybe). Though i really like it to be dim, as in 2.5.2.

This suggestion/request will stay and new ones will come up time to time, until you let people to set colors, fonts and sizes themselves

Or maybe there could be some divider (horizontal line) to split history from actual chat. But i prefer dim text.

I’'m not sure I understand you - seems the current functionality is exactly what you requested:

In my client, all old text is black/grey and new text is blue for me and red for the person I’'m speaking to.

That makes it really clear which is history and which isn’'t (well, to me anyway)

Blue and red is only nicknames of active incoming/otcoming messages. Message text is black. What i’‘m saying about, that i’‘ve noticed difference between 2.5.2 and 2.5.3. In 2.5.2 text is more dimmed, light grey, everything, date, time, nicknames and text. And i like it, because it’‘s clear that this is past messages. In 2.5.3 nicknames are black and text is a bit gray, not light grey. This black color is confusing my attention, because i’'m used to that past messages are just light grey.

You see, i’'m always bugging developers for the new features, but i just hate when some functionality is changing, when you are already addicted to the old behaviour. And you have no choice. The same was with tab colors. Still dont like active color to be darker than inactive, would like them to look like in SparkWeb.