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Spark 2.5.4 Duplicated broadcast within user-created group


We have been trying out the new version of spark, the broadcast feature is nice, however, it seems that if any given user creates his own group of contacts, and broadcassts a message to them, it is duplicated twice to each user.

We have Openfire groups for different departemtns, and server managed groups are not affected.

The only deliminating factor I can think of, is since this user has a shared-group (openfire managed) and his own group (he manages), since he has two of each contact in his list in different groups it’'s broadcasting twice.

I’'ve tested it myself, and we are only selecting the user group we like, but it continues to duplicate the message twice for each user.

Hoping others have experienced this strange issue…


Thanks for the report. I’'ve gone ahead and filed SPARK-783 to fix this issue.