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Spark 2.5.4b1 (and before) Bugs

Couple of bugs, as 2.5.4. is going to be a bug fixing release:

  1. The date is still wrong if you open a chat window to someone with previous chat history; the current date is not added if different to the previous one so if i do:


1:00 hello

1:31 speak tomorrow



2:00 Morning

Spark will show:


1:00 hello

1:31 speak tomorrow

2:00 morning

If I close the window and have Spark reload the history, it shows the correct dates.

  1. Reconnection is still broken. Specifically file transfers and search lookups do not work after a reconnection. Logging out/in again fixes this but it’'s annoying…

  2. We seem to have lost the traffic window (or has it been moved?)


Hey Deejay,

For #2, SPARK-773 and SPARK-774 were filed. As for the traffic window, we moved it to the advanced page of the login dialog to have it invoked upon connection.

Great, thanks

The file transfer issue also affects searches, but I suspect the bug is likely to be the same.



i’'ll try to explain how i understand 1) one, because i have reported this too some time ago.

Date stamp is added only after ending chat session and closing chat window. And i think it’'s how Derek wants it to be. Because when you open chat window all history is shown dimmed (or in black color now), and new lines are with red and blue nicknames. So you can distinguish that dimmed lines was on Tuesday, and normally you would know what date is today, so you dont need a date stamp right away for your current conversation. But it you close this chat window and say open it after a two days, then date stamp is a good thing to remember things.

Well, of course it could add new date stamp just when you send first new message of a new day. But it’'s not a critical thing. Maybe we just need more distiguishable divider between old history and current conversation. Some horizontal line maybe? I liked when text was more dimmed than in current versions.

It does indeed behave how you describe it.

I’‘m not sure how it’‘s meant to be, but for me, the chat window shows the wrong date therefore it’'s a bug. The fact it relies on you knowing what the current date is not significant in my opinion.

To give a further example:

  1. I open a conversation window

  2. I send a message to usera on monday saying ‘‘Monday’’ then minimise the window

  3. I do the same for every day of the week.


So, on Sunday the history will say:









So given that information, and without closing and reopening the window, on which day did I send the message ‘‘Thursday’’?

The colour issue is entirely seperate from this in my opinion (and I have no problem with the current colour scheme). I’‘d suggest that if you require functionality to change it, or a different standard setting then it should be raised as an issue of it’'s own.

Ah ha! i wondered what was going on there…

sometimes my chat windows can stay open for 2 weeks or so and my activity history looks so broken and disjointed.