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Spark 2.5.5: Feature request (Major) Systray icon notification

Changing this to a feature request. E.g. another chekbox in Notifications preferences

  • Flash a tray icon

But this should be only for messages, so maybe

  • Flash a tray icon upon new messages

As SPARK-561 stays there should be some notification in systray icon and I (and other Windows users) dont see it. So it must be a bug.

Hey Wroot,

I didn’'t realize you used Fastpath, but we added toaster support a couple releases back, so you should be seeing it.



Wait. It was late yesterday, and i have loked through all issues in 2.5.0 changelog, so maybe i’'ve missed that. But, was there “Component/s: Enterprise: Fastpath” all the time in this JIRA issue?? I dont remember that.

So this is a commercial feature? There is a thread in forum where a Mac user is thanking for icon flashing notification. Is he talking about Fastpath too? Has LG missed that “Component/s: Enterprise: Fastpath” too? And i dont understand what “toaster” you are talking about. As i never saw such notification, so i dont know how it should look like. I thought it just systray icon blinking or flashing or changing it color.

No, i’‘m not using Fastpath and probably wount ever use. So should we start another thread or rename this to a Feature request for a freeware Spark? Because it’'s a common and useful feature of any IM client to notify user about new messages, not just with popups (cause they dont stay forever), not just with flashing taskbar (cause i often has 2-3 rows of windows there), but with an icon blinking. Exodus has an exclamation symbol blinking in its systray icon, so i dont miss any message using this.

I’‘m asking about “Component/s: Enterprise: Fastpath”, because i was automaticly closing all tabs with that or Mac mentioned in issues. Well, maybe i really need this feature, so i didnt notice it’'s Enterprise one

SPARK-335 (not ENT or Fastpath?)

  1. Flash Tray Icon