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Spark 2.5.6 Bug?

It would appear that Spark now remembers status through logout/logins. However, when it does, I have an issue should my client have been set to ‘away due to idle’. i.e. I leave my desk and whilst I’m away I lose a connection to Openfire and the client reconnects. When I return, Spark doesn’t set the status back to ‘Available’ from ‘Away due to Idle’. You’d think Spark would remember status, apart from idle messages?

Also, are there any plans to introduce automatic ‘extended away’ messages? I’m never sure whether my contacts have literally just left their desk, or have accidentally left their clients logged when they leave at the end of the work day. A second timer (set to an an hour by default, say) would be ideal.

I’ve noticed a few people being stuck on Away a few times also and someone also using 2.5.5 and one of the staff actually pointed out to me yesterday that he had noticed this problem on his login also.

I too would like to see the step up to extended away, maybe after a configurable value in the client that defaults to 1 hour? that would allow people to set it lower. It’d even be nice to see Away due to idle (x hours (or minutes) in the status message.

This could actually be a more fundamental bug that I thought; my 2.5.6 client sometimes just refuses to come back from ‘away due to idle’ even with no connection issues.