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Spark 2.5.7 for Windows Errors

I have found several errors with this version of Spark.

  1. The msi installer uses the old speech bubble icon

  2. Avatar images do not display in roster or when hovered over name (same with exe or msi installer).

  3. Desktop Icon from is now Spark.exe.lnk instead of Spark.lnk

  4. SSO does not work on initial login with an error of check your principal, but after a manual login it works fine, with exe installer


@2. for me Spark displays the avatars in the roster as 16x16 icons if I enable this function (not sure if you meant to report this as a problem).

And if I move my mouse over the roster the avatars are shown along with the username, job title and status.


I get no avatars what so ever. No matter what setting I choose. I have done a clean install after removing all traces of spark from the machine for both the exe and msi installer. I have included screenshots of the windows.

I also get no errors in any of the spark logs for this issue.

Same here, all working as expected

All my users have created their avatars with version 2.5.3 of Spark for windows. Those avatars do not show when hovering over the user in the roster or as the 16x16 roster list icon (which I like). This seems to affect avatars created with any previous version of the windows client, when using LDAP for authentication and the LDAP vCard Avatar plugin. I have recreated the issue on several machines. As soon as I update the machine to 2.5.7 of spark and have the user change their avatar it shows correctly on other 2.5.7 clients (and older clients as well)

I have found out that the difference between avatars working and not working correctly is upgrade vs fresh install. If you do a fresh install of spark 2.5.7 on a system that did not have a previous version of spark or one that has had spark **+completely +**removed from the system then the avatars do not work correctly. There must be a file missing from the 2.5.7 installer build that is present in previous versions.

I have ~/.Spark/spark.properties on my Linux system, it contains:


by default. Try to find and change. It helps me.

Thanks for the suggestion but it is not a settings issue. There is a definite bug in the windows version of spark 2.5.7. The only avatars a clean install of spark 2.5.7 (no previous versions installed) can see are other spark 2.5.7 clients. So all the settings are working. Just not reading the avatars of older versions correctly.

I have confirmed another error in spark for windows.

  1. Spark does not maintain window positions betwwen launches. It is especially noticable in dual wmonitor configurations. I want spark displayed on monitor 2 so move it to that location. When I quit and relaunch spark is back on monitor 1. See attachment for my monitor settings.