Spark 2.5.7 Released

Spark 2.5.7 is now available for download. This is mainly a bug fixing release. Enjoy!

Change log can be found here.


Spark Team


Thanks Guys!


The release notes seem to be up to 2.5.6 only?

For future reference, at least on OS X the changelog is actually included in the package as /Applications/

Still no tray icon for me. Ubuntu 7.04 64-bit, no compositing, Nvidia driver with dual monitor.

FYI, month should be September on your changelog.

One quick note. Not all the gateway icons (Gtalk, AIM, Yahoo, etc) “light up” now even though they are working fine (this used to work just fine in 2.5.6). I’m running the 1.1.2 gateway and see the “sessions” fine in the Admin console plus the functionality is working. Anyway, thought I’d put that out there.

Running on Windows 2003 server (server and client for now).

Thanks. Seems to be working well.

Is there any way to enable/disable the “Notepad” and “Task List” icons in the Spark Client?

SPARK-838 this has probably fixed ICQ only group’s problem too. I now dont need to relogin to get ICQ group visible. Hooray

SPARK-792 you have probably forgotten to mention that Russian translation was added too. I was unpleasantly surprised when i first launched 2.5.7 (my reg settings is Russian). And there was no Language selection dialog during instalation. I was installing 2.5.7 EXE with JRE on top of 2.5.6. So, for now i have deleted Russian translation in spark.jar. I hate not finished translations, i hate not professional translations, i hate translations

Openfire 3.3.2, Asterisk IM 1.3.1, IM Gateway 1.1.1

Just upgraded to 2.5.7 and am now seeing multiple copies of some (but not ALL) user names. In three out of four groups, I have one or two names repeating twice.

I’ve just upgraded my Spark Mac client to 2.5.7, and now the Spark window does not retain its height between sessions. The position is retained, but now every time Spark starts, the window defaults to a height greater than it used to have in the older version. On a tiny Macbook screen, this is not a great user experience. Does anyone know of a fix?


maybe it helps to remove the settings file completely. I have no idea where it is located on MAC and if it is also there named layout.settings or layout.settings.xml.



Thanks for your suggestion.

The settings on a Mac are in layout.settings, but if I remove that file, then the Spark window always starts at a default position and height in the centre of the screen, and does not remember any dragged settings at all. If I edit the obvious candidates in the file, such as mainWindowHeight=304, and restart Spark, then Spark ignores the changes, and behaves as it did - in other words, remembering window position, but not height.


Avatars shown in roster are way too small.

Show avatars in contact list - who did think of such a feature? They really look ugly, and they are scaled down to 16x16 even if I set the "Contact list font size to 64 - Spark looks really ugly then.

I wonder how they should be displayed if you set your font size to 11px … scrolling up and down?


Hi Mike,

I did create SPARK-855 to get this fixed.


Thanks LG

I today just started receiving complaints about online and offline users showing up multiple times in every group in their roster… openfire 3.3.3 spark 2.5.7…

You mean online users shown couple of times instead of offline. Have noticed this today too.

Though i was upgrading Openfire on Friday, so i have used Spark 2.5.6 with Openfire 3.3.3 for a two days, but i havent noticed such behaviour, what i now see with Spark 2.5.7.

At one point I had the same user showing up THREE times in one group.

I uninstalled 2.5.7 and reinstalled 2.5.6 and the issue is gone. Every user is listed only once in the group its a member off.