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Spark 2.5.8 contacts question

I set up my contacts with spaces in they usernames, we have two users

with same first name, company owner and his son, Mike Sr. and Mike Jr.

When I open a conversation with one and close, I get an error "unable add

the contact" and then a Pending contact is added to my list with the same

name as the one I already accepted when he contacted me.

When I hover over the contact names, the pending one has a listing like this

at the bottom of the popup window:

“mike\20sr.@mypc” where by the accepted one has “mike sr.@mypc

Any ideas?

spaces are invalid characters. you should not create accounts with them.

Very nice of them to warn you of this in the user creation form.

Say, you wouldn’t know if you can get the source to Spark client would you?