Spark 2.5.8 hangs on 'Authenticating' when on logging in on a non administrator XP account

Hi all,

Have a problem, when logged in as an admin spark works fine and logs in ok. However when starting spark from a non administrator XP account spark hangs after typing in the username and password on ‘Authenticating’ the program does not freeze or lock up, the spinning icon is still going around but it just stays like this… This happens on all accounts.

Both Openfire and Spark are upto date

Any ideas?


I am having the same problem with three computers. When I am logged in as an administrator I am able to connect to Spark 2.5.8. When I log in as the user, Spark hangs at ‘Authenticating.’ I tried reinstalling Spark, and it does not fix the problem.

Anything in the error log? only thing i can think of is that Spark is trying to write something to file or something along those lines but the user doesn’t have permission to do such thing.

Try giving write access for the users to the spark install dir and the problem should go away, spark does do some writing to the install dir from what i remember.

However, as winsrev suggested you should check the error log for more info, the error log is located in Document and Settings<user>\Spark\logs\

could be related SPARK-906

After being run by an admin, does it work for a non admin?

I gave the user write access to the Spark folder under their profile. That fixed the problem.

Try take it away now and see if it still works (as suggested below)

You mean to the c:\documents and settings\user\Spark ? And why user didnt has that right from the start? Are you limiting users to access they profile folders? Many application will stop working normally in that case. But maybe you were talking about c:\program files\spark ?

c:\documents and settings\user\Spark\logs

We do not limits users access to these folders. Somehome 3 profiles lost write access to logs.

I removed write access to the logs and it didn’t allow me to login.

The user had access to the spark directory but lost write access to the logs folder.