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SPARK 2.5.8 Problems getting info from Server

I have found a issue with latest version of Spark, and I can say for sure that this problem is happening with 2.5.8 version, because I have some workmates with old versions and they do not have same problem. When I try to search a new contact I’m always receiving same error : “Unable to contact search service”.

This was not happening into 2.5.7 or olders versions… Could anyone let me know if there is any trace about how to fix this issue?.. When next version is going to be released?

Richard Novillo E.

It works fine for me with 2.5.8. To test this i had to install Search plugin in Openfire, enable it and then restart my Spark client. Search plugin’s version 1.4.1.

I had this problem after reinstalling/configuring to use LDAP authentication. I restarted the search plugin, restarted spark and the problem was gone.

Might be unrelated, but hopefully helpful to someone in the future.

We have seen this same problem at my work. We are running wildfire 2.6.2 with LDAP authentication against AD. The search feature returns this same error with the 2.5.8 client but not with 2.5.7 I have tested this from different systems using one version then the other. At this time upgrading the server is just not an option.