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Spark 2.5.8 released!

Spark 2.5.8 is now available for download here. This release fixes a number of bugs, including some nasty memory leaks, and includes a few new features. One of which is that all of the transports that the IM Gateway plugin supports are now supported in Spark, so if you were using the Extra Gateways plugin before, please delete it!

The change log can be found here.


Spark Team

Sweet!! Thanks Daniel… A long awaited treat! Looking at the roadmap for 2.5.9 I am really excited… (You know why!!)

Thanks Openfire/Spark Team


I loaded up this new release after uninstalling 2.5.7 on my vista machine. Apparently 2.5.8 doesn’t want to even run on my machine now. Very frustrating. I went through and removed all Spark folders with any settings, etc, so i could try again with a “clean” install, and it still doesn’t work. Watching my process list, I can see the spark process start up and die right away. I’ve tried both the online installer and the msi, both fail. The logs folder within the program files directory have an error log file that is empty. I have no idea how to troubleshoot this further.

Anyone else run into this on Vista?

Back to 2.5.7 for me for now, it actually works.

Odd, our QA explicitly tested Vista. Anyone else seeing this? Have you tried the exe installer or just the msi ones?

Sorry, I should have clarified, i tried the exe and the msi. I’m also running Vista x64, but with the 32 bit sun java 1.6u3.

Are there any options I can turn on to grab debuging info, etc?

Wow, there’s actually some pretty nifty looking documentation on debugging Spark!


Do 32 bit things typically work in 64 bit vista?

I’ll check out the debug stuff. Thanks.

32bit apps work fine in vista/xp x64 as there is support for that.

Why didn’t you make the Linux version without a JRE I have to download 31Mb instead of 15, and delete the jre directory

Has we made non-JRE releases in the past for Linux? Aside from what was on the change log, no other requests were going in for this release. The previous developer had done a lot of improvement work and that needed to be released. Working out the logistics of adding new features (even if it’s something like not including the JRE) would have delayed things a bit more. I vaguely recall telling someone that this wasn’t going to make it for 2.5.8. I thought that was you. =)

You are right, it was me

I didn’t think making tar.gz without JRE requires something except throwing it away

And as far as i remember, i’ve seen Linux version without JRE, but may i’m wrong.

I ask you to make this at least for support x86_64 platform. Do you officially support it?

Well, it isn’t so important for me. We are waiting for other feaures, missed in Spark

Thanks guys! Glad to see 2.5.8 out in the wild now.

Yur AWESOME! So far, so good here on WIN AND MAC (3.3.1 Openfire)

We will be heros with our first round of new 100 clients…NO problems, right?!


Hi Daniel,

I was not aware of this document, but now that you did create Tools to debug Spark one could remove* this document form the wiki, it seems that the wiki lives much longer than everyone did expect.


*remove: change the title to “rm Tools to debug Spark”, remove all content and place a link to Tools to debug Spark in it. So one sees very quickly which documents are moved to Clearspace.

I have the same probleme when i’m not running spark has admin.

Did you find a solution?