Spark 2.5.8 stops receiving im's after going idle for a period of time

I have an install oo roughly 70 people on Openfire/Spark. A number of users are reporting that after being ide for a while they can not send nor receive im’s. When you double clik on a users the chat window does not appear. In order to get it working properly they need to log out and back in again. We are using SSO and during this time they are showing as idle to the other users. This is accross the board on XP, Vista and Win 7.

Some questions:

Is this reproduceable?

Can you provide an error log of a client that had this issue?

Can you check with a nightly build e.g. ?

The nightly has lots of fixes regarding reconnection issues.

It seems to be sporatic at the moment as I can not specifically reproduce the error ar will…I do asee a pattern of when it does happen emerging. It appears after long idle time greater that 6 hours. I am continueing to test to reproduce the error. So far in 2 weeks it has happened 12-15 times to different people.