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Spark 2.5: No File Transfer Browse Dialog without Admin Rights

Hi there

This is a problem we recently explored:

Spark (Version 2.5) has problems with opening file transfer browse dialog when the user has no administrative priveliges. So Admins get browse dialog, standard windows user aren’'t.

I tried solving this issue with logging file access with the help of filemon (SYSINTERNALS).

The problem seems to be an ACCESS DENIED on local shell32.dll.

I’‘d like to know it’'s a single phenomen or a general problem this release brings along?

thx in advance

Well my first suggestion istn’'t that correct.

It seems to be the case that a group policy is the reason for that problem. In detail, we use MS AD and deny access on local storage devices by a gpo. If a user clicks the “file transfer option” Spark tries to open a folder dialog. This cannot be successful unless Spark opens a device different from local device.

So here the question:

Is there a possibility to change the location Spark tries to open by default when clicking on the “file tranfer option”?

Currently no filetransfer is possible. So it would be great to get a solution for that.

Check my post: http://www.igniterealtime.org/forum/thread.jspa?threadID=26299&tstart=0