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Spark 2.5beta4 client to client voip?

Do I need to be running a specific jabber server? I’'m not seeing any voice options in the client at all.

Can I talk to iChat jabber users with this?


No, you don’'t need to be running a specific jabber server.

Are you running Spark on linux? i believe the jingle plugin is disabled in beta4 for linux. (it currently is in trunk). you can enable it by opening the jingle plug in jar file, extracting the plugin.xml file and changing the 2nd to last line from:

Be warned that it is disabled for a reason. It either hasn’'t been tested or is known to not yet work.

If you’‘re using windows or mac, I can’'t say why the voice options are not appearing for you.

Yes I’‘m using Linux. Guess I’'ll wait for beta5, thanks!