Spark 2.6.0 12252 Window Not Refreshing Via Remote Desktop


For some time now, with 2.6, I have had issues with using Spark via Windows Remote Desktop. The Spark window just does not redraw correctly and so the application is rendered useless. Have previously reverted to 2.5.8, but now that 2.6 is nearing release, I tried the latest build and the problem persists.

The login screen is ok. but the menu drop downs in the main window, dont draw correctly. Context menus seem ok, as does the roster list.

Haven’t noticed such issues myself. Will test next week. What Windows are you on?

Windows 7 x64.

Problem seems to be related to the theme chosen, Windows themes are ok, but when others are selected, they seem to cause problems.

Can you specify which themes exactly cause the problems? I’m now working via RDC from XP to Win 7 x64 and it works fine with BusinessSteel Blue skin and Windows skin.

Also Spark skinning support is a subject to change in the future. There are plans to drop support for many unpolished skins and leave just one polished. Also Substance skinning api is not developed or supported anymore, so probably we will have to switch to something else.