Spark 2.6.0 and greater icons/logos distorted

On Windows 7 64bit and comparing to Spark 2.5.8, the status tray icon is distored and enlarged. The login screen logo appears to be slightly distorted.

post screenshots

It appears I don’t have permission to upload photos to the forum from my computer.

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The two different system tray icons are attached.

It was looking like this on XP version (distortion) a while ago and then Holger fixed it a bit, but he said that this will look differently on other systems with different icon size. Also left side of the icon looks like being cut off (same on XP). This started to look like this long time ago, maybe with 2.6.0 Beta (few years ago). Don’t know what happened there and why the icon can’t look like it was in 2.5.8. There are images for icon sizes in the spark.jar (16, 24, 32, 60, 64) and all of them look fine.

on win7 i have this aswell but not on XP

this might be an image scaling issue on win7

Has the image changed at all between 2.5.8 and 2.6.1? Because if it hasn’t, it should be scaled the same, right?

remodified the image…again…


Looks ok to me on XP

It’s better but still very different with jagged edges compared to the old version.

2.5.8 on the left, 2.6.1 on the right

The away icons are also distored. 2.5.8 on the left, 2.6.2 on the right.

I can confirm that online icon looks worse on Win7 than on XP and that away icon is even more distorted.

i can see it aswell, but cannot find the reason

the used image looks okay

Will this be corrected in 2.6.3 on July 1st?

not that i know of,

all trayicon images must be corrected

Has this been added as an issue? Forgive me for my ignorance, but is it possible to extract the images used in the 2.5.8 build and copy them into one of the development builds or is it much more complicated than that?

afaik the 2.5.8 logos have not been touched

but you could try and report your findings

The whole tray mechanism was rewritten in an early stage of 2.6.0. Specifically, we removed the java native interface. Looks like this is a side effect of the tray work. The icons were not touched during 2.6.x.

Here i have filed this SPARK-1397