Spark 2.6.0 Beta 2: ChatContainer and ChatRoom to GroupChatRoom


Two things:

First :

ChatContainer startFlashing has changed.

2.5.8 Was (ChatRoom)
2.6.0 Now (Component, boolean, String, String)

Is this going to be backward compatible?

Otherwise it will be quite inconvenient as I work with 1000+ user base.


This code does not work in version 2.6.0. It did in 2.5.8 (which may be a surprise ).

The room here was a ChatRoom handled through addChatRoomListener >> chatRoomOpened (and the others)

GroupChatRoom groupChatRoom = (GroupChatRoom)room;

x = GroupChatRoom getParticipantCount();

Is this a bug or will there be a different methodology for getting the Participant count from a room when the participants change?



Well today I see that the room Participant count is correct.

My bad.

Another thing.

When I test a send from a 2.5 client to the 2.6.0 beta 2, I see the message in the toaster popup but it does not make it to the transcript window.

When I send from the 2.6.0 to the 2.5 client I do see the message in the transcript window.

This is for both Chat and Group Chat.