Spark 2.6.0 Bug for Chinese Title!

I found that when I switch the language when the English state in the Chinese title is garbled, the Chinese state in the Chinese title of normal.
See attached screen shot of the specific situation.

Please help, thank you!

Hi, Skillerguo.

My spark is ok in both English and Chinese language state.

Actually, I don’t understand what you mean. Could you describe your problem more clearly?

This is my screen shots:

I’m in the Chinese XP, everything normal. But when I switch to English XP, I found the chat window’s title bar is garbled, and all the pop-up alert box is garbled.

OK, I see.

If you switch to your English XP, please make sure that your OS’s System Locale is Chinese.

My OS is English Win7 with system locale Chinese. There’s no problem with Chinese appearance.

Is your system locale English or Chinese?

I have found the cause of the problem and have solved the problem. The problem lies in the substance reference to the font file. Changed a bit on it.