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Spark 2.6.0 Linux .deb-Panel Icon


I was wondering if there wll be support for a panel icon with Spark Linux .deb such as Skype Linux which has right click options. I often find myself wondering if Spark is still running after I close it…and it is. In some cases just clicking the “x” button doesn’t shut it down then when I go to launch spark, the previous one pops up when either I get a message or IM Gateway message.

I was using 2.5.8.tar version but it does not support bookmarking however the .deb version does. I haven’t tried the beta with Red5 but I’m sure that is not working yet hence beta for the issues above as well.

Again, just wondering about launch panel icon support, is this in the Roadmap for Spark IM Client?.

This will be most helpful.


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I think you mean the tray icon. This feature is not on the roadmap.

This problem is fixed since SVN 10991.

Here is the latest version of the debian packages. I think that will be fixed your problem.
spark_2.6.0_all.deb (12000022 Bytes)